just don't (part 3)

This one isn’t for bloggers. Its more geared towards some of these “managers” that are running the shows for the owners.

I’ve been a blogging manager. I’ve also been a store owner (albeit nothing popular). I know quite a few who are actually in the blogging scene and its always the same complaints that I hear, so I figured I would throw together a list for the other side of the curtain.

  1. Picking only the HUGE names.
    This one doesn’t bother me that much, but I have seen many complain about it.
    A blogger search is advertised and then a week or two later, they make an announcement of who got in and its always the same names. I can only wonder if someone who has 20+ sponsors can really blog something decent, without throwing everything into a mess of a photo and making it work. Sort of like someone who manages 5+ stores. Are you really giving good customer service when you’re spread so thin?

  2. I suppose the other complaint would be the opposite : picking no-namer bloggers.
    Theres a reason why quite a few people don’t get chosen by well known stores: their photos suck.
    Everyone and their cousin are now calling themselves a “blogger” and they don’t put any real work into taking photos or editing them. They take some shit snapshot, credit their outfit and throw “Blogger” on their Flickr name, as if that helps them out?

  3. Managers who slack.
    As an actual blogger, I find it frustrating that bloggers will sometimes be the last ones to receive a new release. An item is released instore or at an event and we’re still waiting for days to get our review copies.
    I always felt that once you become a blogger, you should be the first to receive the items. I understand creators being late to get something out, and thats fine, everyone has their days and RL always comes first, but - I feel some word of mouth and pre-release advertising is a great way to amp up the excitement for new items. We shouldn’t be receiving things DAYS after something released (on a regular basis).

  4. Not using Blogotex.
    I will honestly say that as a manager, Blogotex has horrible customer service, but it really is the best thing to use when you’re a blogger. I like to be able to look at past releases, see how many posts I’ve done, and even get feedback. I don’t understand how some stores are still using Google forms to do monthly reports or just having to manually go through Flickr accounts to count.
    For a small store, I do understand, as Blogo isn’t the cheapest route. But if you’re well known, its insanely helpful and the application process is by far the best.

  5. Insane “rules” that some stores require to become a blogger.
    Theres a LOT of stores I’ve wanted to blog for but their requirements are just downright insane, so I passed on even applying.
    No, I will not blog EVERY release you put out. If I don’t like it, I’m not taking a photo of it. 50-75% of releases is a good and fair amount. 100%? You’re nuts. (with the exception of stores that only release 1-3 items a month)
    No, I’m not in any fashion feeds. Are those even a thing anymore??
    No, I will not hyperlink in every post. 90% of us in SL are adults. As a blogger AND as a consumer, I don’t need a hyperlink to find something I want. As long as you give me the name of the product and where I can find it, I’m going to go there and buy it. It doesn’t take a genius to do a quick search on either Seraphim, flickr, or in SL search to find where an event is located. You don’t need your hand to be held.
    No, I will not start a Facebook account just to be your blogger. You’re lucky I have a blog aside from Flickr. I will not start more social media just for you.

  6. Events that require you to post multiple flyers/press releases.
    I’ll put the flyer on my blog under my Sponsors, maybe even on my Instagram. But if you’re requiring me to spam my Flickr more than once, thats not gonna happen.

  7. Horrible advertisements.
    If your “Bloggers Search” flyer is just badly done, and ugly, I’m going to assume the store items are just as bad. Hire someone if you need to. It says a lot about the company to be honest, because if you cant put time into something so simple, then you’re not putting time into other important things.

  8. Asking too many questions in your blogging applications.
    This isn’t a RL job interview. Don’t ask shit like “Why do you want to blog for us” because all you’re going to get is the same bullshit answers and everyones just going to kiss your ass to get in. Its a blog. We do photos. You don’t need our life story and some deep meaningful paragraph about “why we love the Rando Necklace 2000” .

As a blogger, do you have any complaints when it comes to the blogging community? Is there something stores need to work on more? Share in the comments!