just don't (part 1)

Let me just say, first off, that I know I'm not one of the best bloggers out there.
I'll be honest : I'm lazy.
BUT - I have gotten better over the years.  I'm no longer finding a new sim to explore, standing somewhere and taking a snapshot, only to post it and call it a "blog post".

Which turns me to this...

I admin & own quite a few Flickr groups and one of them is a blogger photo group.  I'll admit that I have standards for blog photos - even if, I myself, can't pull them off.  I do try, however!  And I try damn hard to not break my own rules of "Don'ts".
I see so many (SO MANY) "bloggers" who haven't quite grasped the concept of a decent blog photo - and while I'm not a pro - even I know that it takes more than just standing and taking a quick photo without any editing.


So... onto my picky "10 Blog Photo DONTS".  You may agree, you may disagree (which is most likely), but even if I can't pull off the perfect blog photo msyelf - these are what won't make a good photo to me.  (and why your photo might not make the cut in my Flickr group)

  1. Incorrect use of the lens flare.
    This is my biggest pet peeve & its astounding how many people do NOT know where the lens flare even comes from. Hint: Its not a damn object!

  2. Bad lighting.
    If your face is covered in half black/half white lights and shadows and your giving off some bad facial shadows - change your windlight, its really that simple.

  3. No idea what youre blogging.
    This also ties into #2 a bit. If your lighting is so bad that you cant see the clothes, or the shadows are falling on you weird - or maybe your pose is just horrid and its hiding the outfit. Try something else. Bushes in your way? Move.

  4. The photo that makes NO sense.
    Are you standing in the snow looking like a cold hooker? Are you standing in the ocean while in a gown? Or maybe you and your man are in the forest using BDSM equipment? Make your pic make sense. I get trying new ideas, but they really need to tie together.

  5. The "I need to blog it all" photo.
    This also ties into #4. i.e. You're an event blogger, you need to blog a shit ton of stores/items, so you throw them ALL into one photo and call it a day. -- Please don't. It looks so bad, and you look desperate to get everything blogged without putting thought into it.

  6. Over use of the Vignette.
    If every single one of your photos has a black or a white vignette around the edge - it doesn't make it look like you put effort into editing. It looks like a cop-out.

  7. Old types of items.
    Mesh is a thing now. If you're rocking texture clothing, flexi hair, flexi gowns - let's just say you won't be the next up-n-coming blogger. I don't care if it was on sale for 10L on Marketplace - you're not sellin that to anyone over the age of 1 year.

  8. Standing.
    You set down a great background, have your outfit looking amazing... then you stand in front of it, take a pic and call it a day.
    STOP! Do something! Don't just stand there! I used to do this and now its a huge pet peeve. I actually love the photos I do now that I put a bit more effort into.

  9. Bad graphics/editing.
    I understand that you want to be a blogger. Most of us are doing it now a days. But you're going to have to edit them if you're computer can't do anything but overly pixelated, tiny photos. If you can't take larger ones - stop stretching them so they're out of proportion.

  10. SL & RL mix.
    Morphs went out years ago. That doesn't mean that pasting your avatar on a real background still looks good, tho. To be honest, 95% of those doing this, don't look good... ever.

I think some people need to take off the blinders, look thru Flickr and some of the blogging groups and see what makes great blogging photos.  I'll be the first to admit that I might have some favorite bloggers and I find a great photo idea from them and try to pull it off - in my own way.  It definitely takes practice, but it also takes knowing what makes one good and what makes one bad.  
I'm not a pro - I have quite a few of my own photos that I absolutely hate - but I do feel like I've progressed over the years.  That was just because I kept trying and finding new techniques to throw around.  

Those who have blogged for years, they can probably add to this list - or maybe they can take some off.  Who knows.  But I'm basically going off of what I see on a "too often" basis.  

After this post, I'll do a "to DO" list here soon.  don't want to have the blog all negative-Nancy.

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