crys lexenstar


as a member of second life since 2008, i started blogging around 2010.

my original blog was "SL eye candy" which gained some traction & got me back into using photoshop.
If you wanna see some old school, check it out here:

 After that, I just stuck to flickr , but i felt it was time to welcome another actual blog!

SL isn’t really much for me other than taking photos for the blog anymore. I keep my sponsors to a low number so it doesn’t feel like a “job” & since its my way of having fun, I don’t take it that serious.

so on my blog, you wont find slurls on every post.

  1. you’re an adult, you can find them yourself

  2. they are linked under “events” and “Sponsors”

  3. see number one.

so, OTHER THAN standing on my platform changing clothes, sometimes I can be found just exploring or standing at a random club while I chat in instant messaging.

honestly, I’m really not that exciting.


photo by static rhapsody

photo by static rhapsody

(as of August 2019)
every day head : genus project (STRONG)
body : Maitreya