crys lexenstar


as a member of second life since 2008, i started blogging around 2010.

my original blog was "SL eye candy" which gained some traction & got me back into doing photos.
If you wanna see some old school, check it out here:

 After that, i moved to wix (which didn't last long) so eventually I just stuck to flickr for the last year or so, but its time to welcome my another attempt at an actual blog!

(please excuse the lack of actual posts!)

I honestly don't do much else in second life, so i tend to be found standing on my platform changing, doing photos or chatting.  I stick to myself 90% of the time and rarely venture out, if i'm even logged on.

for the most part, my avatar pretty much stays the same... except for her clothes.  which is why i find myself sucked into blogging!


                                                                                                                           photo by static rhapsody

                                                                                                                          photo by static rhapsody